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WWT’s Christmas Raffle 2017

How would you splash out if you won our First Prize of £3,000? A summer holiday perhaps? Or maybe you’d make some longed for improvements to your home or garden? As our £3,000 winner, the choice would be yours.

Our raffle is vital for the conservation of our wetlands and all the unique wildlife that relies on them, including playful, inquisitive wild otters.

Eurasian otters, the native otter to the UK, face many challenges – mainly from wetlands being destroyed for development. WWT is at the forefront of wetland conservation. With your help, we’ll keep on protecting our wetlands and supporting otter friendly habitats

All you have to do to help these iconic creatures is take part in our Summer Raffle. Remember, it could lead to a prize of £3,000 winging its way to you.


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The Raffle Prizes

There's £4,850 in the prize fund, with a top prize of £3,000! Want to win your share? Then play our Summer Raffle 2017 today to be in with a chance, and help protect the future of adorable otters.


Tickets for the raffle are just £1 each. You’ve got until 23:59 on Wednesday 6 September to buy your tickets online. Winners will be drawn on Thursday 14 September 2017. Thank you for your support and good luck!

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Did you know Eurasian otters, are very vocal? They have basic calls of alarm, greeting and mating – as well as up to 12 other calls!

Did you know they can dive for up to two minutes? They close their nostrils – but air escapes from their fur, leaving a trail of bubbles.

Did you know otters are often playful? They have been spotted sliding down mudbanks or snowdrifts on their bellies.


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